A New View of Healthy Eating: 7 Simple Steps to Sprout Mung Beans

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By Melanie A. Albert, intuitive cooking expert, author, and speaker. Founder & CEO Experience Nutrition Group, LLC

This week I was inspired by a dear yoga friend of mine who was looking at my book, A New View of Healthy Eating, who told me that her Mom always sprouted beans when she was a kid, but she didn’t know how to do it.

I learned how to properly sprout beans while in the Plant-Based Professional Certification with Rouxbe Cooking School in the winter of 2014. As I wrote in the book, while visiting my parents in Florida, we decided to experiment with sprouting. Little did we know that beans would be so prolific. Within a week we had 12 quart-size jars full of sprouted beans and seeds. And, our Cocoa Beach neighbors were very happy!

I just started sprouting mung beans yesterday and will add photos to this blog and update my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/NewViewHealthyEating)  every day as the beans grow.

 I invite you to buy some mung beans and fun sprouting this week!

Excerpt from A New View of Healthy Eating

Soaking and Sprouting

The soaking and sprouting process releases dormant enzymes that make beans more easily digestible and, in some cases, even more nutritious.

Mung beans are the most widely eaten sprout on our planet and have been cooked in Chinese dishes for centuries. Mung beans, a great plant protein, are fun and easy to sprout, and can be eaten raw or cooked. Add raw mung beans to the top of a salad, avocado salsa or hummus for a nice crunch. Cook sprouted mung beans for added protein in veggie stir-fries or soup.

7 Simple Steps to Sprout Mung Beans

  1. Soak ¼ cup dry mung beans in a few cups of water for 8 to 12 hours out of direct sunlight.
  2. Rinse beans and place them in a wide-mouth quart Mason jar with a wire lid.
  3. Rinse beans with cold water 2 to 4 times a day.
  4. After each rinsing, rest the jar on a slant so that any extra water can drain out of the jar. Use a mesh on the lid to allow water to drain.
  5. Harvest beans in 2 to 5 days.
  6. After sprouts have completely dried, store in the refrigerator.
  7. Enjoy raw in a salad or wrap or cooked in a stir-fry.


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