Sedona Retreats

Discover Endless Energy Retreat in Magical Sedona

22-27th October 2017

Join us on a magical 5-day journey to rediscover your pure, energetic self. 

Our Endless Energy Retreat will be held in the beautiful encompassing energy of Sedona, Arizona.


Endless Energy Retreat

Do you remember when you used to jump out of bed in the morning? 

Not a single care in the World and have the desire and passion to carry out whatever was needed of you that day?

Our main aim is to roll back the bad habits that we all pick up from day-to-day stresses and strains of life and move forward with new tools and techniques that will help you start each day super strong.  Including those days when you wake up not quite at your best.

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

Understanding intention is the starting point of every dream.

We will work with you to explore your intentions for the retreat and your life after returning home from  the retreat focusing on both short and longer term goals.  Using visual techniques, we will guide you through a process to create your vision, then share with the universe to enable you to take the steps forward to achieve your dreams.

When was the last time you put yourself first?

Embracing Self-Care is of upmost importance during these 5 days.

Learn to be kind to yourself while implementing rituals that work for you. This retreat will encourage you to relax, rest, enjoy exercise, massage, and other activities that will help your body, mind, and soul unwind.

Would you like to walk away with simple whole food cooking skills?  

Daily hands-on intuitive plant-based cooking experiences. Learn simple culinary techniques for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and enjoy beautiful plant-based dishes you create with organic whole foods. 

Self-Care Included in the Retreat

  • Daily Hatha Yoga. Self-care with the music of the Tibetan Bowl.
  • Daily Exercise. Hiking in the Red Rocks of Sedona.
  • Massage. Tailored for your self care.
  • Spiritual Practice. Kiva Ceremony, Red Rocks Vortex, Crystal & Card Readings.
  • All Meals. Plant-based meals and snacks prepared during cooking sessions and by retreat host, Melanie A. Albert.
  • Farm-to-Table Dining Experience. Private meal at a local Arizona urban farm.
  • Explore Sedona. Uptown Shopping, Art Galleries, Red Rocks Jeep Tour, Chapel of the Holy Cross, and Cathedral Rock.


Melanie Albert, Phoenix, Arizona

Melanie A. Albert, intuitive cooking expert, author, and speaker, is Founder and CEO of Experience Nutrition Group, LLC, in Phoenix, Arizona and author of “A New View of Healthy Eating:  Simple Intuitive Cooking with Real Whole Foods.” Melanie has been a leader in wellness, integrative medicine, and nutrition for over 15 years. She is a 2007 graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, 2001 Integrative Medicine Fellow and 2003 Intuition Fellow of the Kaiser Institute, former marketing consultant for Weil Lifestyle, LLC / Andrew Weil, MD, current Holistic Nutrition instructor of Whole Foods Cooking and Conscious Eating at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, in Tempe, Arizona, and 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher.

Melanie received culinary training with the Rouxbe Cooking School Plant-Based Professional Cooking Certification in 2015 and PlantLab Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine in 2017. She is currently studying Advanced Raw Cuisine. Experience Nutrition was an Official Health & Wellness Partner of the NFL Alumni Association in 2011. You can always find Melanie shopping at farmers’ markets, experimenting in the kitchen, practicing yoga, or leading cooking classes, workshops, and retreats.

Learn more at   and

Questions about the retreat, contact Melanie in the US at 602.615.2485 or


Lucy Davis, London, UK

Lucy Davis has quickly become recognised as a leader in the field of Energy Transformation.  She works with busy Corporate Professionals in the City of London, UK who suffer stress and fatigue.  She is an author of two books (currently in publishing) and is a speaker at Weekly and Monthly events across the City.

Lucy is the Founder and CEO of Activ8U and The Corporate Bombshells, plus the Co-Founder of The Rebel Movement.

Following burn out as a Director of an Investment Bank in 2014, Lucy has made it her mission to raise awareness and educate companies on the importance of Wellness in the Workplace.

She is a member of both the UK and International Health Coaches Association.

Lucy’s Qualifications Bio

  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition
    • Holistic Health and Wellness Coach
  • Shaw Academy Nutrition
    • Diploma in Sports and Exercise Nutrition
    • Advanced Diploma in Principles of Nutrition
    • Diploma in Child Nutrition
    • Ultimate Body Transformation Programme
    • NAFC Group Fitness
    • Bootcamp and Fitness Instructor


Questions about the retreat, contact Lucy in the UK at


Magical Sedona is a true oasis, a paradise in the middle of the northern Arizona desert. In Sedona, enjoy canyons, green forest, azure skies, and the dramatic red rock formations that glow in brilliant orange and red when illuminated by the rising or setting sun. Sedona offers adventures including red rock jeep tours, hiking, Slide Rock, and Oak Creek Canyon, as well spiritual healing, psychic readings, and energy vortexes, Sedona will have your senses buzzing for days! Sedona offers a unique, one-of-a- kind culture and is an experience of a lifetime.


Eco-Home. We are thrilled to hold our retreat at the Light House in Sedona, a truly eco-home with a collection of indoor and outdoor spaces created with a complimentary merging of Indonesian, Japanese, Moroccan and East Indian cultures. The Light House offers a full natural sensory environment with comforting courtyards, peaceful meditation gardens, hanging lounges, tranquil pools, and restful waterfalls.

Feng Shui. The Light House incorporates the principles of Feng Shui to create an environment that is energetically aligned promoting harmony, serenity, creativity, and vitality. An impressive cleansing crystal is strategically placed in the center of the house to ensure a healthy environment and numerous Feng Shui essentials are found throughout this landmark home. The Light House is the perfect environment to relax, reduce stress, and rejuvenate.

Salt-water Pool. Light House features a beautiful salt-water pool and Jacuzzi to unwind.

Sedona Beauty. The natural outdoor beauty of Sedona is just out the back door with the beautiful Oak Creek and a glimpse of Cathedral Rock.







  1. RESERVE YOUR SPOT. When you are ready to register for the Endless Energy October 2017 Retreat, CLICK the BUY NOW BUTTON to pay an initial non-refundable $500 US to reserve your spot.


2. CHOOSE YOUR ROOM. Take a look a the rooms available in our Light House Retreat Home. Scroll down to take a look. Let us know in the form below which room you are interested in and if you’d like a Private Room or to Share a room with another retreat attendee.

3. CHAT WITH MELANIE OR LUCY. Once you have registered, Melanie Albert or Lucy Davis will schedule a call to determine which room you’d like to reserve and to get to know you.

4. RETREAT AGREEMENT. Following our call, we will e-mail your Retreat Agreement to you.

5. PAYMENT SCHEDULE. Payments for the retreat are on the following timeline:

  • 50% of cost is due within 7 days of your commitment to attend the retreat. We will forward a Paypal Invoice. Your non-refundable $500 registration fee will be applied to the cost.
  • Remaining 50% is due by 22nd September 2017.
  • If you book the retreat within 30 days of arrival, then the full amount is due.

6. 2018 ENDLESS ENERGY IN SEDONA RETREATS. Scroll down to reserve your spot in one of our 2018 retreats.


Master with King


Master with King and sitting room. Unique custom ‘pebble’ master bathtub and large glass steam shower.

$3,500 US per person Private Room   OR  $3,000 US per person Share Room


Off-Master with Queen

Private bedroom off Master.  Shares master bathroom with ‘pebble’ bathtub and large glass steam shower.

$3,500 US per person Private Room OR

$3,000 US per person  Share Room




Asia Room with King

Separate outdoor hallway to room with lounging sofa, desk and glass window views.

$3,500 US per person  Private Room OR

$3,000 US per person  Share


Bali Room with 2 Queen

Screen door access to outside lounging and garden areas.

$3,000 US per person Private Room

$2,500 US per person Share Room

Upstairs Private King


Private outdoor patio with view of pool and Cathedral Rock. Shares bathroom with Sunrise Room

$3,500 US per person Private Room OR

$3,000 US per person Share Room

Sunrise Room Upstairs Loft with Queen & Double


Fun loft. Shares bathroom with Private King.

$3,000 US per person Private Room OR

$2,500 US per person Share Room

PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM with your Room Preference and Melanie and Lucy will reach out to you to schedule time to chat with you.



We look forward to sharing your Endless Energy journey with you in Sedona! Melanie & Lucy

2018 Endless Energy in Magical Sedona Retreats

If you are ready to register for your 2018 Retreat, CLICK the BUY NOW BUTTON to pay an initial non-refundable $500 US to reserve your spot.

March 14-19, 2018


June 13-18, 2018


September 12-17, 2018