A New View of Healthy Eating: Daily Healthy Recipes by Melanie Albert: Don’t be Afraid to Cook Whole Grains on the Stove

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by Melanie A. Albert, intuitive cooking expert, author, speaker, retreat host, Founder & CEO Experience Nutrition Group, LLC

During a few of my recent cooking events, we were talking about how easy it is to prepare whole grains. I actually cook whole grains about twice a week and use them in a few meals. Two of my favorite go-to whole grains are brown rice and quinoa. I purchase whole grains in bins at one of our natural grocery stores, store them in glass jars in my panty. And, when I cook whole grains, I add a little flavor by cooking them with previously made frozen veggie stock. This week I made a batch with fresh Hawaiian turmeric root.


With the 8 simple steps in my cookbook, “A New View of Healthy Eating,” you can cook whole grains perfectly every time. Before I share the steps from the book, enjoy a few of my recent veggie dishes with whole grains.


ARIZONA WINTER HARVEST BOWL. Click for recipe.  Brown rice with this bowl.


ARIZONA ROASTED VEGGIES: Romanesco and Sweet Potato. Click for recipe. Notice the tri-color quinoa.

Quinoa. Fresh Turmeric. Green Garlic.


Quick roasted farmers market veggies with the Turmeric Quinoa.



Excerpt from cookbook, “A New View of Healthy Eating”

Simple Steps to Steam Perfect Whole Grains Every Time

The steaming method is a simple way to cook whole grains. With the steaming method, we use a specific amount of grain and a specific amount of liquid. We then cook for a specific amount of time. We can steam whole grains on the stovetop, in a rice cooker, or in an oven.

For all of these steaming methods the steps are: Rinse, add liquid, cover, cook, rest, fluff, rest, and serve.

8 Steps to Steam Grains on the Stovetop

By following the specific details in this step-by-step cooking process, you will cook perfect, flavorful, tender whole grains very time.

  1. Rinse whole grains to remove residue and extra outer starch.
  2. Add liquid. Pour 1 cup of whole grains with 2 cups of water into a heavy pot. Use a heat diffuser under the pot to prevent the bottom layer of the grains from sticking.
  3. Cover the pot and bring to a boil on medium-high heat.
  4. Lower heat to lowest setting and simmer with the pot tightly covered for 15-20 minutes. Keep pot tightly covered to keep steam inside pot to cook the rice.
  5. Rest the grains. Once cooked, remove the pot from the heat. For even cooking, uniform texture, and fluffier grains, rest the grains with the lid on the pot for 10-30 minutes.
  6. Fluff the grains. Use a fork to lift the grains. Start at the bottom around the edge of the pot and lift the grains toward the center of the pot.
  7. Cover and let the grains rest for another 10 minutes.
  8. Plate and enjoy your perfect whole grains.



Steps to Steam Whole Grains in a Rice Cooker and Oven

  • Rice Cooker: Pour rice and liquid into a rice cooker, cover, and turn on rice cooker. Let it cook. Rest. Fluff. Rest. Serve.
  • Oven: After grains and liquid have come to a boil on the stove, cover and place in preheated 350-degree oven for 15-20 minutes. Cook. Rest. Fluff. Rest. Serve.

ACTION: Make a batch of whole grains this week and enjoy with a veggie dish. Share your experience with us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/NewViewHealthyEating



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