A New View of Healthy Eating: 12-Week Arizona CSA, Week 1: Veggie Stir-fry

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By Melanie Albert, Nutrition and food expert, author and speaker. Founder & CEO Experience Nutrition Group, LLC.

During Week 1 of 12 weeks with my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) from Maya’s Farm at the Farm at South Mountain, only a mile from my Phoenix home, I created one of my favorite simple intuitive creations from the CSA: simple veggie stir-fry.

Simple Veggie Stir-fry
Have fun preparing a quick delicious stir-fry with a few simple steps. The key is to be organized. Pre-chop all your ingredients, and set up your mise en place (all ingredients in place) for your cooking before you start your stir-fry.

To create a simple veggie stir-fry chose a few of your local in-season veggies, some roots and some greens. This stir-fry was inspired by the baby bok choy and fresh green garlic in this week’s CSA. Added to the stir-fry were some other veggies from local farmers, along with sun-dried tomatoes and capers. During the middle of the stir-fry I decided to add a little fresh lemon to de-glaze the pan and to add local Arizona citrus to the dish.

Simple Ingredients
• Organic extra virgin olive oil
• Green garlic
• Brussels sprouts
• Carrots
• Cauliflower
• Sun-dried tomatoes
• Capers
• Asparagus
• Baby bok choy
• Sea salt
• Fresh lemon (extra!)

Simple Steps
• Gather your mise en place.
• Pre-heat saute pan on medium-high.
• Pour organic extra virgin olive oil into the pan.
• Add the aromatics (green garlic) and cook a few minutes.
• Add veggies you’d like to brown a little (Brussels sprouts).
• Add dense veggies that need to cook a little longer (carrots, cauliflower).
• Add extras (sun-dried tomatoes, capers).
• Add vegetables that do not need to cook very long (asparagus, bok choy).
• Enjoy!

This stir-fry (really quick saute) method and recipes are in my new book “A New View of Healthy Eating” to launch in April 2016.

Week 1: Arizona CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Simple Stir-fry

Hope you enjoy your own stir-fry this week! Come on over to Facebook and share your creations: www.facebook.com/NewViewHealthyEating

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