A New View of Healthy Eating: Philosophies Part 3: Eat Mindfully

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By Melanie Albert, Founder & CEO, Experience Nutrition Group, LLC, Phoenix, AZ. Nutrition and food expert, author and speaker. Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Holistic Nutrition and Whole Food Cooking Instructor at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

A New View of Healthy Eating begins with the food we choose to eat, and extends to our shopping, cooking and eating experiences.

The key philosophies are:
Eat real whole foods
Shop local and in season
• Enjoy intuitive shopping
• Cook with intuition
• Eat mindfully
• Enjoy life

Today, we focus on Eat Mindfully

A New View of Healthy Eating: I Commit to Mindful Eating

When we eat, this is the time to enjoy our food, the beauty of our food, and to enjoy our family and friends in a beautiful environment. Enjoy the social time to connect with your family or friends. Or, if eating alone, take the time to pause and enjoy the quiet meditative time for yourself.

A few ideas to add mindful eating to your life:

  •  Set your table with a pleasing environment, using real plates and silverware and perhaps flowers and music.
  • When you eat, pause and enjoy the beauty and aroma of the food that was grown and lovingly prepared for you.
  • Really mindfully eat. Pause, chew, place your fork down, and pause again.
  • Enjoy your meal with all your senses.

The key to mindful eating is to pause and enjoy your food and the connections with yourself, your family and friends. “ Melanie Albert

This week, I invite you to pause when you are eating and notice if you are eating mindfully.

If you are not eating very mindfully, I invite you to add one mindful eating idea to your meal. Come over and share your experience with us on Facebook.

And, enjoy!

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A New View of Healthy Eating: Set your table with a pleasing environment.

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