Experience Nutrition: A New Yoga Journey, Beginning with the Tree in Sedona

By Melanie Albert, Founder & CEO, Experience Nutrition Group, LLC. Nutrition and food expert, author and speaker. Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Holistic Nutrition and Whole Food Cooking Instructor at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

It’s important for all of us to reflect on where we’ve been and to celebrate our personal and business accomplishments. It’s also important to strategically plan and take action for our future.

Most importantly, it’s vital for us to take time to live in the moment, to stand tall like a tree and to enjoy life.

For the last 12 years, my yoga practice, beginning in Santa Fe and Florida, and continuing for a decade in Phoenix, has given me the place and space to be still in my mind and to live in the moment.

I’m excited to share that I am now taking my yoga to a different place with a new yoga journey this summer. Beginning on June 8, 2015, I’ll become the student in the Yoga Teacher Training, YTT, 200 hour program for 4 full months at the Spirit of Yoga studio of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

As I begin my Yoga Teacher Training journey, I resonate with the tall tree, with deep roots, reaching high, and swaying with flexibility.

This was evident a few weeks ago when I participated in a retreat in Sedona, where I guided an intuitive cooking experience with farmers’ market fresh whole foods, and the retreat guests created a beautiful, amazing, tasty meal. After we mindfully enjoyed our meal, we all traveled to the beautiful and powerful Cathedral Rock for a photo shoot and to enjoy nature. Immediately I went into Tree Pose within the trees at alongside Oak Creek at Cathedral Rock.

“This is my time to be, to get rooted down, to lift up into the sky, and to enjoy and embrace the moment.” – Melanie Albert

Melanie Albert: Tree Pose in Sedona, Arizona
Melanie Albert: Tree Pose in Sedona, Arizona  PHOTO CREDIT: Melissa Corter Photography

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