9 Ways 90 Days: Determine How Much Water You Need to Drink

by Melanie Albert, Nutrition & Wellness Expert, Author, Speaker, Founder & CEO Experience Nutrition

Excerpt from book, “Enjoy Food & Life. 90 Ways 90 Days Step-by-step action plan for healthy eating & life.”

It depends on you. The amount of water you need to drink depends on your size, age, level of physical activity, and where you live. Do you work out a lot? Do you live in a warm, dry climate? Are you older? You should drink more water if you live in a hot dry climate like Arizona or if you work out often. If you are over 65 with medical conditions, it is important to consult your healthcare provider on proper fluid intake, as too much water may be as dangerous as too little.

9 Ways 90 Days: How Much Water do You Need to Drink?
9 Ways 90 Days: How Much Water do You Need to Drink?


  • Find out how much water you should be drinking. Take your weight in pounds and divide it by 2 to get the number of ounces you should drink daily.
  • Add in extra ounces, if you work out often or live in a hot, dry climate.
  • Come over to Facebook and commit today to drinking the right amount of water for you.

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