4 Simple Steps to Create Your 2013 Accomplishment Board

By Melanie Albert, Nutrition Expert and Author, Founder & CEO Experience Nutrition

 Melanie Albert: 2013 Accomplishment Board

Melanie Albert: 2013 Accomplishment Board

Within the 9Ways90Days program we focus on goal setting and taking step-by-step action every day to achieve our goals.

This year I decided to create a visual board of my 2013 for both life and business before starting to set goals and create my vision for 2014.

4 Simple Steps to Create your 2013 Accomplishment Board

 1.      Sit quietly in your favorite place, light a candle, pause, inhale and exhale fully a few times.

2.     Now intuitively write down the top 10 accomplishments in your life in 2013.  Make one for your personal life and for your business or career. Personally, you may include great experiences like traveling, fun times with family or friends, your wedding, birth of a child or grandchild, even positive affirmations from your year. For business, it could be experiences (like speaking engagements or video shoots for me), rewards, promotions or a job change.

3.      Favorite Photos. Next, go through your favorite photos from each of your accomplishments and put them into a simple document (Powerpoint works great).

4.     Enjoy. Print out the document, share with your family and enjoy re-living the wonderful experiences.

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